The Wildest Fingers And Largest Pots

The Wildest Hands And Biggest Pots

Few poker productions have skilled such a fast rise to relevance as Hustler On line casino Dwell. Since Hustler’s inaugural stay stream in the summertime of 2021, producers Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci have cultivated what’s presently the preferred poker present within the business. Curating lineups of thrilling gamers whereas additionally offering excessive manufacturing worth, Hustler has established itself as a serious participant within the poker house.

Displaying poker followers six, typically seven-figure pots performed by poker execs and motion gamblers, Hustler has supplied viewers many memorable moments. Should you like seeing record-setting pots and brutal sluggish rolls, you’ll love this checklist of the most important and craziest poker palms seen on Hustler On line casino Dwell.

Dylan Gang Gradual Rolls Garrett Adelstein For $186,000

Adelstein Gang

Picture Courtesy Of Hustler On line casino Dwell

One of many beefs of be aware within the early days of Hustler On line casino Dwell was between money recreation legend Garrett Adelstein and unofficial stream villain Dylan Gang. After exchanging some pointed phrases and a pair profitable pots over the course of some classes, all of it got here to a head when Gang determined to go after Adelstein.

Preflop Motion: Adelstein Raises Over The Limpers

In a $100/$200/$400 recreation ($200 large blind ante), the participant referred to as Tiger straddled $800 to lift the stakes. Listening to from Daniel Negreanu that “limpin is pimpin”, the participant referred to as J.R. limped into the pot inspiring Dylan Gang to limp as nicely holding 4♠-4♣. Nick Lucas limped into the pot from the small blind, however Garrett Adelstein put an finish to the limping, elevating $7,000 with Okay♠-10♠. Recognized for his extensive ranges, Clean Examine Ben joined in on the motion calling with 9♣-7♣. Wanting down at A♣-J♦, Tiger determined to defend his straddle and known as. Following further calls from Gang and Nick Lucas, it was five-ways heading to the flop.

Flop Motion: Everyone Checks It By way of

Board: Q♥-3♥-3♣
Pot: $36,000

Nick Lucas: 8♦-7♠
Garrett Adelstein: Okay♠-10♠
Black Examine Ben: 9♣-7♣
Tiger: A♣-J♦
Dylan Gang: 4♣-4♠

Regardless of being five-handed, not a single participant related with the board. After the flop checked by, Gang led the pack along with his pocket fours.

Flip Motion: Gang Turns A Full Home

Board: Q♥-3♥-3♣-4♦
Pot: $36,000

Nick Lucas: 8♦-7♠
Garrett Adelstein: Okay♠-10♠
Black Examine Ben: 9♣-7♣
Tiger: A♣-J♦
Dylan Gang: 4♣-4♠

Boating up on the flip, Gang elected to test behind his 4 opponents hoping certainly one of them would enhance on the river. Gang was awarded for his persistence.

River Motion: Gang Will get Worth From Adelstein’s Rivered Two Pair

Board: Q♥-3♥-3♣-4♦-Okay♦
Pot: $36,000

Nick Lucas: 8♦-7♠
Garrett Adelstein: Okay♠-10♠
Black Examine Ben: 9♣-7♣
Tiger: A♣-J♦
Dylan Gang: 4♣-4♠

Following a test from Nick Lucas, Adelstein regarded to get some worth for his rivered two pair. Betting $20,000, Adelstein induced folds from everybody on the desk, aside from his rival Dylan Gang. Getting precisely what he had hoped for when he checked the flip, Gang raised Adelstein $75,000. After the increase from Gang, Adelstein entered the tank, at one level exclaiming “that is so irritating.” After contemplating it for a while, Adelstein made the crying name, with showdown being painful for the money recreation crusher.

Dylan Gang Provides Insult To Harm

With their previous beef clearly carrying over into the hand, Gang elected to sluggish roll Adelstein. After Adelstein revealed his two-pair, Gang exclaimed “good hand”, and waited for his opponent to start gathering his chips. After a couple of seconds, Gang uttered “simply kidding” and revealed his full home, finishing the sluggish roll. Not solely did Gang sluggish roll among the best money recreation gamers on the planet, he additionally took down a sizeable $186,000 pot within the course of. To his credit score, Adelstein took the sluggish roll in stride, quietly paying off Gang as he shifted his focus to the subsequent hand. Followers of Adelstein rejoiced when the money recreation professional bought his revenge on Gang, taking down a $390,000 pot towards his foe solely every week after the brutal sluggish roll.

Phil Ivey Makes an attempt A $100,100 Bluff In opposition to Eric Persson

Ivey Versus Persson

Picture Courtesy Of Hustler On line casino Dwell

Poker followers had been ecstatic when Phil Ivey made his first look on Hustler On line casino Dwell in 2021. Thought-about the GOAT by many, Ivey has made plenty of appearances on Hustler On line casino Dwell, normally when the stakes are at their highest. On this hand, the calm, quiet demeanor of Phil Ivey was offset by the famously talkative and boisterous Eric Persson. Whereas Persson is legendary for his frequent desk speak and tendency to flip off gamers on the desk, he’s additionally an achieved money recreation participant who frequents the very best stakes. Dealing with a hefty river increase from the ten-time World Collection of Poker bracelet winner, how did Persson fare towards Ivey?

Preflop Motion: Eric Persson Raises The Stakes With A $1,600 Straddle

Persson kicked off the motion on this $200/$400/$800 recreation when he straddled for $1,600 under-the-gun (UTG). Folded to on the button holding A♠-Q♠, Ivey raised $5,400 and was known as solely by Persson, defending his straddle with J♥-5♥. 

Flop Motion: Persson Flops The World And Slowplays

Board: J♠-7♥-6♣
Pot: $12,600

Phil Ivey: A♠-Q♠
Eric Persson: J♥-5♥

Despite the fact that he flopped high pair and many runner-runner potential, Persson checked it to Ivey. Flopping solely ace-high, Ivey checked it again.

Flip Motion: Persson Turns Even Extra Worth

Board: J♠-7♥-6♣-4♥
Pot: $12,600

Phil Ivey: A♠-Q♠
Eric Persson: J♥-5♥

Having high pair and turning each a straight and a flush draw, Persson determined it was time to fireside and guess $7,600. Together with his two overcards, Ivey known as.

River Motion: Ivey Makes an attempt A Big Bluff And Runs Into A Flush

Board: J♠-7♥-6♣-4♥-10♥
Pot: $27,800

Phil Ivey: A♠-Q♠
Eric Persson: J♥-5♥

Rivering a flush, Persson knew it was time to go for worth, and fired out an overpot guess of $29,600. Holding solely ace-high, Ivey determined to get frisky, making an attempt a bluff with an enormous $110,000 increase. Displaying no concern, Persson rapidly known as with the higher hand, asking Ivey “why you gotta bluff me?” Mucking his playing cards, all Ivey may reply with was “I couldn’t assist it.” To be the very best, it’s a must to be prepared to aim large bluffs. Ripping a $110,000 bluff into certainly one of poker’s greatest motion givers, Phil Ivey confirmed his skill to go for the large performs.

A Huge Flip That includes Phil Hellmuth, Alan Keating, and MrBeast

Hustler Hellmuth Ninja

Picture Courtesy Of Hustler On line casino Dwell

In Might of 2021, Hustler On line casino Dwell hosted one of many greatest live-streamed money video games in poker historical past. Not solely had been the stakes excessive at $100/$200, however the lineup was fully stacked with poker legends and the world’s greatest content material creators. Dealing with off towards the likes of Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth, content material creators Ninja, Alexandra Botez, and MrBeast confirmed no concern on the felt as they splashed round with poker’s greatest. 

Straddling for $25,600, MrBeast helped add to an enormous pot in a hand that had Hellmuth completely fuming.

Phil Hellmuth Goes All-In In opposition to MrBeast, Alan Keating, and Alexandra Botez

Earlier than playing cards had been even peaked at, Hustler On line casino Dwell viewers knew this hand was going to be an enormous one when MrBeast straddled for $25,600 UTG. Folded to in center place, Hellmuth solely added to the pot when he elected to tear in his total $52,700 stack with A♥-8♦. Representing World Poker Tour (WPT) International on stream, chess streamer Alexandra Botez turned to Hellmuth in bewilderment, confirming he had really guess that a lot. Nonetheless salty from a earlier hand, Hellmuth informed the younger chess professional “You owe me Botez, so I don’t thoughts in the event you name.” Botez made the decision, not realizing she had Hellmuth fully dominated with A♦-9♥.

At all times one for of venture, well-liked excessive stakes participant Alan Keating additionally entered the motion, calling Hellmuth’s shove with A♣-3♣. Hell-bent on creating some content material for his legendary YouTube channel, MrBeastmoved all-in for his total $81,600 stack regardless of solely having Q♥-5♠. The one different gamers within the hand to have MrBeast lined, Botez and Keating made the decision, with Keating additionally shifting all-in.

Together with his $25,600 straddle, MrBeast helped create a large four-way hand for $339,100. Effectively behind his 4 opponents, MrBeast nonetheless had outs to take down the big pot.

Phil Hellmuth: A♥-8♦
Alexandra Botez: A♦-9♥
Alan Keating: A♣-3♣
MrBeast: Q♥-5♠

Alexandra Botez Tilts Phil Hellmuth, Takes Down $339,100 Pot

Phil Hellmuth, Alexandra Botez, Alan Keating, MrBeast, and seemingly your complete web anxiously waited to see who would win the $339,100 pot. Regardless of Botez being forward along with her offsuit A-9, the equities had been comparatively even earlier than the flop was revealed.

Flop: 9♦-8♥-3♦
Flip: 2♠
River: 2♦

Remaining forward on the flop, the flip and river ran clear for Botez, who threw her arms up within the air after successful over $339,000. Despite the fact that he had elected to maneuver all-in with an excellent worse hand, Hellmuth was not amused with the younger chess prodigy, verbally complaining about her choice to name with ace-nine offsuit. Despite the fact that Phil Hellmuth was visibly upset at how the hand turned out, Tom Dwan made some extent to congratulate Botez, extending a congratulatory fist bump from throughout the desk.

Taking the poker world by storm, Alexandra Botez completed the session with over $456,000 in winnings. Persevering with to make appearances on the felt since her spectacular debut on Hustler On line casino Dwell, Botez could very nicely be as a lot a card shark as she is a chess grasp.

Alan Keating Wins The Largest Pot In U.S. Broadcast Historical past

biggest poker pot ever hustler casino live alan keating

Picture Courtesy Of Hustler On line casino Dwell

Despite the fact that Alan Keating has skilled plenty of hefty losses on Hustler Dwell, his aggressive, action-giving fashion has additionally supplied him with sizable wins. A fan-favorite amongst Hustler Dwell viewers, Keating gained much more fanfare when he helped construct the biggest pot in U.S. poker broadcast historical past. Displaying no concern with Okay♠-2♠ in a $200/$400/$800/$1,600 recreation, Keating was able to play for all of it.

Preflop Motion: Fingers Raises It Up

Folded to on the button, the participant referred to as Handz raised $9,000 holding A♠-7♥. Clean Examine Ben known as from the small blind holding 8♣-5♣, with Eric Persson and Keating calling as nicely with A♦-J♥ and Okay♠-2♠ respectively. 

Flop Motion: Keating Flops A Flush Draw

Board: 10♠-6♠-5♦
Pot: $37,200

Clean Examine Ben: 8♣-5♣
Eric Persson: A♦-J♥
Alan Keating: Okay♠-2♠
Handz: A♠-7♥

Flopping a king-high flush draw, Keating checked it to Handz following checks from each Ben and Persson. Having runner-runner straight and nut-flush potential, Handz made a $25,000 continuation guess and was known as solely by Keating, making it head’s-up heading to the flip.

Flip Motion: Handz Sizes Up And Keating Makes The Name

Board: 10♠-6♠-5♦-4♦
Pot: $87,200

Alan Keating: Okay♠-2♠
Handz: A♠-7♥

Turning some further fairness with a straight draw, Handz sized as much as a $70,000 guess after being checked to by Keating. Not going anyplace along with his flush draw, Keating known as.

River Motion: Handz Makes an attempt A Historic Bluff In opposition to Keating

Board: 10♠-6♠-5♦-4♦-7♠
Pot: $227,000

Alan Keating: Okay♠-2♠
Handz: A♠-7♥

With the pot almost reaching 1 / 4 of one million {dollars}, neither participant was prepared to yield on fifth road. Nailing his flush, Keating determined it was time to be the aggressor, pursuing worth with a $155,000 guess. On the river with solely a pair of sevens, Handz knew the one method he would win this huge pot was by bluffing. Holding the nut-flush blocker, Handz requested Keating how a lot he had behind ($309,000) earlier than declaring he was all-in for his total $464,000 stack. All Keating may say was “wow”, because it was his flip to enter the tank.

Keating shuffled his chips and contemplated his choice for a while, sharing with the desk “That’s annoying, I must be completely satisfied.” Giving himself further time to make a decision, Keating ultimately grabbed a small stack of inexperienced chips and casually dropped them throughout the road. Not solely had Keating discovered the best name, he additionally made poker historical past by successful the biggest pot to ever be broadcasted within the U.S.

One other Chapter Added To The Legend Of Alan Keating

At all times approaching the sport with class, when interviewed after the hand Keating shared his admiration for Handz. “(Handz) might be one of many few those that have the heart to make that transfer,” Keating stated. “It’s actually spectacular on his half, he deserves loads of credit score.” Already being an achieved money recreation participant, Keating now resides within the historical past books after successful one of many greatest pots the poker world has ever seen. Whereas Keating could have been the winner of the hand, Hustler Dwell relished in his victory as nicely, exhibiting that their program was really must-see TV.

The Notorious Hand Performed By Robbi Lew And Garrett Adelstein

Garrett Adelstein provides his evidence for Poker cheating claims against Robbi Jade Lew

Picture Courtesy Of Hustler On line casino Dwell

Except you had been dwelling beneath a rock in late 2022, you might be doubtless fairly acquainted with Robbi Lew’s notorious J-4 hero name towards Garrett Adelstein on Hustler On line casino Dwell. Whereas now we have all seen hero calls on stream and in our personal poker video games, not often have we seen a single hand garner the eye of your complete poker group the best way this one did. Though the fallout of the J-4 hand could by no means totally be resolved, let’s have a look again at a hand that led to investigations, lie detector assessments, and almost 100 hours of high quality content material from Joey Ingram. 

Preflop Motion: Robbi Lew Makes A Unfastened Name

It was a stacked desk for Hustler’s Friday night time excessive stakes stream. Together with Adelstein and Lew, Andy Stacks, Eric Persson, and Phil Ivey made a aggressive line-up for the $100/$200/$400 recreation. Folded to in late place, Adelstein regarded down at 8♣-7♣ and raised $3,000. Final to behave preflop, Lew determined to get unfastened and known as with J♣-4♥.

Flop Motion: Adelstein Flops All Of The Attracts

Board: 10♥-10♣-9♣
Pot: $6,700

Adelstein: 8♣-7♣
Lew: J♣-4♥

Flopping a straight-flush draw, Adelstein led out with a $2,500 guess. Within the sales space commentating the motion, Bart Hanson voiced his shock when Lew made the decision along with her runner-runner straight and jack-high flush attracts.

Flip Motion: Lew Makes An Unbelievable Hero Name

Board: 10♥-10♣-9♣-3♥
Pot: $11,700

Adelstein: 8♣-7♣
Lew: J♣-4♥

Turning a brick however nonetheless having each draw possible, Garrett guess once more, this time for $10,000. Proudly owning solely jack-high, Lew continued to perplex viewers as she executed a min-click, elevating Adelstein to $20,000.

“Let me scratch my face, as a result of that’s the s*** I’ve bought.” Lew stated to Adelstein as he contemplated proceed.

Finally, Adelstein determined it was time to make a transfer, reraising Lew for her total $109,000 stack. Lew entered the tank, with solely jack-high, viewers assumed Lew would discover the fold regardless of the time she continued to take along with her choice. Utilizing a time chip, it appeared Lew was not prepared to surrender, as she tried to have interaction Garrett in additional desk speak.

“I simply need to name to see it, you’ll have me although.”

Whether or not Lew had an inkling to Adelstein’s hand or not, her junky J-4 offsuit really had 47% likelihood to win the hand.

“Three’s no good?” Regardless of not having a 3 in her hand, Lew continued to try to get a learn on Adelstein.

Lew tanked for a short time longer, earlier than making the decision and sending Bart Hanson into utter shock. Agreeing with Adelstein to run it twice, Lew was almost flipping in a hand she had no enterprise being in. With $269,000 on the road, Hustler Dwell viewers held their breaths to see if Lew’s jaw-dropping hero name would repay.

The Board Runs Clear For Robbi Lew’s Jack-Excessive

River Board 1: 10♥-10♣-9♣-3♥-9♦
River Board 2: 10♥-10♣-9♣-3♥-A♠

With none of Adelstein’s attracts getting there on both board, Lew had efficiently pulled off one of many craziest hero calls in poker historical past. Upon reveal, not solely did Lew scoop an enormous $269,000 pot, she additionally plunged the poker world into main hypothesis and controversy.

After the second river card crept throughout the board, Adelstein appeared at peace with the loss as he tabled his hand. Nonetheless, when it was Lew’s flip to disclose, it was clear the money recreation legend was not amused at what had occurred. The look on Adelstein’s face stated all of it.

From his response, it was clear Adelstein felt the hand was not performed straight, with different gamers and viewers additionally being skeptical. Asking Lew plenty of questions on why she performed the hand the best way she did, Adelstein was not happy with any of the solutions he acquired. 

We could by no means know the complete reality on why Robbi Lew made the decision. Perhaps she thought she had a 3 and was making an attempt to bluff catch, or maybe she really put Adelstein on 8-7 suited and made a god-tier learn. Lew could have merely performed herself right into a nook, and was lucky {that a} punty hero name occurred to run right into a hand she was flipping with. Whatever the how and why behind Lew’s play, she had gained a $269,000 pot towards Garrett Adelstein. Regardless of the hand being over, the state of affairs across the hand was solely starting.

The Fallout

The sequence of occasions following the J-4 hand had been much more baffling than the hand itself. Whereas each viewer instantly had their very own take, Hustler followers who considered the stream in actual time knew one factor for sure: Garret Adelstein believed he had been cheated out of a $269,000 pot. After passively enjoying a pair extra palms, Adelstein silently left the desk to talk with Hustler On line casino Dwell producer Ryan Feldman. Finally, Lew would depart the desk as nicely, talking with each Adelstein and Feldman away from the set. Identical to the hand itself, the general public could by no means totally know what was stated between the three. Regardless, nobody foresaw Lew coming again into the room, retrieving $135,000, and giving it again to Adelstein outdoors on the on line casino ground.

On that night time and for the reason that notorious hand happened, Lew has shared plenty of explanation why she determined to provide the cash again to Adelstein. Whether or not she was pressured by Adelstein or did it of her personal volition, the alternate added a complete new layer to the controversy. One participant on the desk, who glided by Rip, observed the alternate going down outdoors of the studio room and determined to depart the desk as nicely. Seeing that Lew had given the cash again to Adelstein, Rip, who occurred to have a bit of Lew’s motion, proceeded to scream obscenities at Adelstein because the money recreation professional took all of his remaining chips and exited the on line casino. 

Screenshot 2023 02 03 145554

Regardless of being the preferred stay streamed money recreation on the planet, it solely took one wild hand to carry Hustler On line casino Dwell to a standstill. Though Lew and Rip would ultimately return to the desk to play, the aftermath of the J-4 hand was simply getting began. What was already a wild prevalence would solely get wilder over the approaching days. As virtually each member of the poker group shared their takes by way of social media, interviews, and podcast episodes, plot twist after plot twist contributed to the most important poker controversy of 2022. Within the weeks that adopted, alternatives for collusion, a number of investigations, and the admittance from a Hustler seller that he had stolen $15,000 from Lew’s stack turned a wild hero name right into a nationwide story.

Because it stands in the present day, Robbi Lew has maintained her innocence, requesting Adelstien return the cash to her. Regardless of Lew’s request, Garrett Adelstein is now not in possession of the $135,000, having donated it to charity. Following a number of investigations, no proof has been discovered to validate Adelstein’s claims that Lew cheated, and whereas Lew continues to make appearances at occasions and tournaments, now we have but to see Adelstein return to the felt.

Screenshot 2023 02 03 143655

Whether or not it’s million greenback pots or controversial palms that carry your complete poker business to a stand-still, there isn’t a debating Hustler On line casino Dwell creators Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci have created the most important spectacle within the house. As Hustler continues to attract a number of the world’s greatest poker gamers and personalities to compete for tons of of 1000’s of {dollars}, we can not wait to see extra poker historical past be made on Hustler On line casino Dwell.

Author: Peter Garcia